Beyond Imagination
Kalpavrux has been set out to transform the field of Signage & Acrylic Products since 1987...
Apply Creative Edge on Surfaces

CNC Routing- Cutting – DrillingLargest Heavy duty Router bed available in Vadodara - Size: 3050 X1525 x 150mm Z axis. x 2No.
Machining of material thickness up to 150mm.
Quick set up time and accurate repeatability for Inlay & bulk jobs.

Complex profile cutting on any material such as Acrylic, Solid Surfaces,Fiber, PVC-Rigid/Foam, Polycarbonate, Backlite,Wood,Brass, Aluminum, Artificial Granite/Marble...

CNC 3d Carving & Laser EngravingFast and accurate CNC Surface/2D/3D engraving of most Thermoplastics, Wood, Aluminum, Brass, S.S., Lather, Paper, Glass, Tiles, Granite/Marble, and Sandwich material & Laminates...
Heavy duty Laser Cutting : Size:1200 x1200 x 30mm deep, Laser engraving Size: 1000X1250mm
Engraved Mimics, Control panel diagram, Prototype, Templates, Machine Labels, Signs, Dials, Stencil, tool tags, Photo effect....

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A Quality wrok CNC Engraving, Laser Cutting (Fully Automatic)
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