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Illuminated Ideas! (Customised Solutions)
We are take pride in our craftsmanship and creativity while customising products. We believe that the creative possiblities of our core products line LED lights - are infinite. To take the appliccation of our products to new levels, we offer customised design and development solutions.


LumiShelf (Modular & Sheets)
LumiShelf is ideal for showrooms, airports, window display and high traffic interiors, where brilliant visual performance is important. The State-of-the-Art, Lumishelf conforms to high regulatory standards and saves energy costs.

LumiShelf is available in standardised modules and sheets as well as customised solutions based on concepts and designs to suit your need.

LumiShelf Sheets: LumiShelf can be into any shape requided. They are also easy to install.

Lumi Shelf Modular: The Modular range is standardised and is a complete shelf solutions. It includes accessories required to aasemble them quickly and easily.


Crystal SlimLit (Ultra Thin Backlit Displat frames in Acrylic Crystal finishes.)
Crystal SlimLit is the world’s slimmest LED powered frame with a thickness of 9mm. With its crystal finished edges, elegant styling and a bright display – It is ideal to highlight your brand. Crystal SlimLit also makes photographs come to life.

Crystal SlimLit is available in tow variants:
(1) Wall Mounted (2) Table-top

These are available in sizes ranging from 5” x 3” to 8' x 4' & Customize

The Crystal SlimLit panel uses long-lasting LEDs that uniformly illuminates the surface and ensures
your images are showcased brillianty for years.


Alumina SlimLit (Flip Open BackLit Display frames in Aluminium finishes.)

Alumina SlimLit is a state-of-the-art ultra-slim display frame that brings together the strength of aluminium and highpowered energy efficient LED lights. This exclusive product is the perfect solutions to for creating beautiful displays.

Aluminium SlimLit consumes less electricity and generates very little heat, saving on your colling costs. This products helps you promote products and services even in places with limited space.

Available Sizes : A/4 to 8’ X 4' & Customize

Lumi Panel (Versatile Lighting System)
LumiPanels are a versatile LED powered lighting system that can be used to construct dance floors or as ultra slim modules that replaces your traditional ceiling fixtures.

LumiPanels use LEDs, which consume a fraction of electricity as compared to ordinary incandescent fittings. LumiPenals are tough and can be used to create surfaces in furnishing such as table tops and counters.

LumiPanels can be used in interior and architectural designs including commercial spaces like showrooms, offices and exhibitions as well. LumiPanel's can be customised to any shape and colour.

Sign Decor
We offer a coprehensive range of LED Products suitable for signs and displays. Our wideangled SMD LED's for static to dynamic colour changing RGB range, is perfect for just about every sign or display application.

Our speciality is DMX RGB vivid colour-changing controlled sign system.

EdgeLit (Engraved Sign & Display System)
Kalpavrux brings EdgeLit Signs and Display Systems, an innovative solutions, which combiness distinctive looks with energy efficient sign art illumination. EdgeLit is the perfect choice for acrylic signs or graphics art illumination, EdgeLit gives you the flexibility of different graphics patterns engraved or printed.
  • Plugged in and wire free operations available.
  • Available as static colour, dynamic RGB colour changing.
  • Various mounting options: Hanging, Celling Mount, Wall Mount and Table Top.
  • Sizes available ranging from postcard size to 48" X 96" and in custom shapes.
Various Applications of Edgelit System are in:
LumiWrite Boards
LumiWrite Boards are the latest in signages. LumiWrite Boards provide the flexibility of creating your own display with neon multi-colour pens. The boards are erasable and can be used at retail outlets where schemes or offers change on aday-to-day basis.
Features of LumiWrite Board are:
  • LED illuminated - operates on 12V direct current with universal adaptor of 100v to 240v.
  • it is safe to use & is an energy saver. Aso works on rechargeable batteries (Easy mobility for kids).
  • Perspex sheet or specially treated glass panel with alluminum or PU wood profile frame.
  • Special Lumi marker pen makes it glow and it is easy to clean.
  • Ideal for conferences, Presentations, Speacial menus, parties. Can also be used as an innovative fun board for kids.
LumiWirte Pens: LumiWirte Boards use special wipe-clean pen with non-toxic water-based ink to make your writing and drawing glow. Fluorescent LumiWrite fun markers are available in white, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow and orange.
Sizes : LumiWrite Boards are available in standard sizes of - A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 6' x 8', 8' x 4' and can also be customised to suit your needs.
Base Panel surface colour : Black, Brown, Green, Dark Blue - outer Alluminium frame colours are black or white and PU wood type finish frames with optional stands.
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