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Kalpavrux has been set out to transform the field of Signage & Acrylic Products since 1987...
Acry - Feb
Line bending, Shaping & Forming
  • Line bends up to 3 meters.
  • Custom retail order to wholesale job in Acrylic, ABS, PETG & Polycarbonate.
  • Complex multiple bending facility
  • Vacuum and conventional piece holding
  • Cutting, Shaping, Routing, Bending and Polishing all operation under one roof
  • Wide range of Acrylic sheet from 0.5mm to 250mm Th.
    Vivid colour - Transparent, Translucent, Opaque, Frosted, Flourescent & different Texture available.

Acrylic Fabrication
  • Machine guards, covers, enclosures, Tanks, Vacuum chambers & custom design fabrication.
  • Face, lap and butt joints.
  • Flame polishing, sanding and buff polishing.
  • Curves, holes, chamfers, cut-outs.
  • For Automotive, Electronics equipment, Civil engineering, Food processing, Laboratory equipment, Packaging & Process Industries, Pilot plant, R & D center, Leisure industry, exhibitions.....
  • All manufacturing with CNC accuracy.
CNC Routing- Cutting – Drilling
  • Largest Heavy duty Router bed available in Vadodara - Size: 3050 X1525 x 150mm Z axis. x 2No.
  • Machining of material thickness up to 150mm.
  • Quick set up time and accurate repeatability for Inlay & bulk jobs.
  • Complex profile cutting on any material such as Acrylic, Solid Surfaces,Fiber, PVC-Rigid/Foam, Polycarbonate, Backlite,Wood,Brass, Aluminum, Artificial Granite/Marble...
CNC / Laser Engraving
  • Fast and accurate CNC Surface/2D/3D engraving of most Thermoplastics, Wood, Aluminum, Brass, S.S., Lather, Paper, Glass, Tiles, Granite/Marble, and Sandwich material & Laminates...
  • Heavy duty Laser Cutting : Size:1200 x1200 x 30mm deep, Laser engraving Size: 1000X1250mm
  • Engraved Mimics, Control panel diagram, Prototype, Templates, Machine Labels, Signs, Dials, Stencil, tool tags, Photo effect....
  • Illuminated monument / Pylon or entryway signs attract drive-by customers both day and night.
  • Custom signs, graphics and boards make it easy to track project progress, departmental productivity, workplace safety records and other information. Keep your Client fully informed and provide easy-to-understand reference as well as directional signs.
  • We make
    (1) Frontlit Sign
    (2) Backlit Sign
    (3) Halolit Sign
    (4) LED & Edgelit Sign
    (5) Engraved Sign ......
  • It can be in different pattern of Face/ Embossed/ 3 D Thermoformed/ V- Groove/ Relief/ Stencil Cut Lettering.
  • A souvenir for every accomplishment! Memento is a brilliant enigma twisted with devious delight. It's a new & contemporary way to present your views & beliefs in premium way.
  • Attractive Eye Catching Custom Made Designs.
  • CNC Cut, Laser Engraved and Multicolor Digital Printed Mementoes that Enhance your Image.
  • For Recognition & Rewarding of Talent and Achievements.
  • For Delegates, Guests of Honor & others taking part in Conferences, Corporate, and Cultural & Sports Events.
Safety Signages
  • Professional, effective signs and graphics help you meet federal workplace requirements and promote employee safety. Use Safety and I.D. signs to indicate potentially hazardous situations.
  • More than 1500 International/custom Design- any languages for ISO, Chemical Industries, Fire & safety department.
  • Made from Outdoor & Indoor variety of materials - Short term to Long term requirements
  • EdgeLite Sign with battery backup are new concept for Emergency Signage.
Mimics, Stickers, Labels, Decals

Create an unlimited variety of labels, decals & Polyurethane Domed Emblems. In various sizes and Kiss-cut shapes-in large or small quantities.

We are able to create attractive labels, stickers, mimics... that are rugged in the harsh environments that they are often exposed to. We use latest technology Digital print & cut, Laser/CNC engraved, etched as well as Vinyl cut for certain job requirements. These are currently used by a broad customer base of OEM to decorate and brand their product lines as well as aftermarket suppliers of auto supplies, medical, food service, recreational sports equipment & appliance manufacturers etc.

LED EdgeLit Sign
EdgeLit sign is an innovative solution & it combines a distinctive look with energy efficient LED Technology for sign illumination. EdgeLit sign is your best choices for acrylic sign illumination having flexibility of different pattern engraved, or imprinted it make the sign with its various style & uniqueness.
  • 12 V low voltage; safe to use.
  • Slim, delicate and super bright mini Neon look.
  • Can be battery operated.
  • Low consumption, energy saving
  • With a long lifespan. Easy to install and convenient maintenance.
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Qaulity Acrylic Fabrication
Line bending, Shaping & Forming
Acrylic Fabrication
CNC Routing- Cutting – Drilling
CNC / Laser Engraving
Safety Signages
Mimics, Stickers, Labels, Decals
LED EdgeLit Sign
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