We are leading Bespoke Engineering Plastic / Polymer Components Fabricators, Industrial Machine Enclosure / Guards & Safety Labels & Stickers Manufacturers.

KALPAVRUX ® – The Company:

Kalpavrux® has been set out to transform the field of Acrylic, Poly-carbonate, PET-G, DuPont’s ‘Corian’ – Solid Surface, ABS & Different Plastics/Polymers Industrial & Engineering Products, since 1987. In the market, Kalpavrux® has become a leading company in the field of engineering where knowledge of traditional techniques with latest technical innovations is utilised.

Kalpavrux®, a company setting goals with Expertise & Experience. With technical knowledge it is easier to create and set the goals in our company. Kalpavrux® offers the most effective turnkey solution to their clients for every Acrylic, Poly-carbonate PET-G industrial products, Machine Guards/Enclosure, Precision Fabricated/Machined Parts & Variety of other Engineering Plastic products, Industrial Labels/Stickers & Graphics, with 3D/2D CNC Cutting/ Milling & Laser Cutting/Engraving Services. We provide solution with various material, colour & thickness range from 0.25 mm to 25 mm & 50 mm to 150 mm thick block & size up to 3000mm x 2000mm.

Satisfy our Customers

The Philosophy

Our attention & interest is single-minded commitment on finding the best solution to satisfy our clients for every need. We work closely with our clients. We listen, advise, design & execute to achieve the greatest possible solution through our Aesthetic – Precision Fabrication,  It applies to the industries, engineering units, laboratories, pharma & everywhere.

Cutting-Edge Technology Solution


Kalpavrux® could not put its creative & organizational philosophy into practice without technical support. It is not by chance that Kalpavrux® has state of the art “Digital Fabrication Studio” with well equipped and trained staff for designing, manufacturing & installation of jobs in any corner of the country.

Creativity with Quality Achieved

The Result

Kalpavrux® signature is synonymous with quality. We have established trust by working with long list of prominent clients. Our task is difficult but the solutions we cater are creative & effective, meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive market. Kalpavrux® works methodically & consistently. Delivery deadlines are respected. Our creative solutions set new standards for the field of Engineering Plastic Fabrication & many more.